Howie's Doggie Dog Doggy Daycare, El Segundo, Los Angeles, South Bay, California

Howie’s Doggie Daycare offers an alternative to leaving your best friend home alone – a place where your dog can frolic with other canines and receive tender loving care all day long in a safe and comfortable setting. Just being around other dogs will help your dog learn the social skills they will need to be a happy and well socialized dog. All dogs are “pack” animals first and foremost, belonging to a pack offers a feeling of belonging, and acceptance comes from being around the pack, i.e. their canine buddies. Doggie social skills will enable your dog to lead a much happier and more confident life as he or she encounters other dogs, and people. Social skill learning is a lifelong process.

Howie’s is a service designed exclusively for you and your dog. We want to provide you with the peace of mind that your dog is in a safe, healthy, and happy environment while you’re away during the day.

Your dog will receive a personal attention from a caring professional staff and will interact with your dog to build positive social behavior.

Make no bones about it, daycare is right for you too!

When you’re dog-tired at the end of the day there’s nothing like picking up your happy and well-exercised dog to relax with and enjoy.